Jan. 4th, 2015

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Having one of those existential "what's the point" sort of nights where I feel broken down by overwhelming pain and I wonder how long I have until it finally takes my mind with it and I have nothing left and no one will put up with me anymore.

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Pain isn't as bad today. I might not need painkillers at all, especially if I take a bath later. I've inked the comic, gonna scan and color soon. Scheduled a massage for tomorrow, that'll also help with the pain. Might also swing by the chiropractor after I see her. With how chaotic the weather is supposed to get this week, it'd probably be a good idea.

Once I'm home (or in the morning, I don't know yet) I need to make two different phone calls. Both because company websites are bullshit. One call is to make an appointment, the other is to pay a bill (or just inform them that their site isn't loading and hasn't all week and if they want money then it's probably in their best interest to, you know, get that fixed) (heh, I wonder if I can offer Will up for a fee to help them out) (mostly kidding, I know it's likely not THEIR website, but they hired out for it and it's some one else's problem)

I should download a daily reminder app. Reminders for pills, reminders for good habits and chores (those would be more daily/weekly regular reminders), reminders for any phone calls I need to make (those would obviously be more one-time reminders). I'm normally pretty good at remembering without any reminders at all, but it's still nice to have them. Especially if I'm distracted or brain-foggy or tired, it's good to have a scheduled reminder.

Netflix put all of Friends up. I've been kind of half-watching it while I do other things. I'm both confused on how much I remember and don't remember in equal parts. Also, OMG 90s. :D

Okay. Back to work. Once I finish some art I'll try to do some chores if the pain allows. Maybe do some gaming. I stayed up ENTIRELY too late last night (after 5am) so tonight I'll do my best to sleep at a reasonable hour.

So glad I'm not sick anymore. Still in pain, but period calmed down and sick went away so that's two out of three and that's not bad.


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