Jan. 10th, 2015

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Slept well, but woke up feeling anxious and lonely and insecure and bitter. Also hurting, a bit. I took a hot bubble bath and it helped in a lot of ways.

There might be incoming rain tomorrow, so it would explain the pain.

Lazing about with the fiance and meta, watching movies (Road to El Dorado first, now Rescuers Down Under). There was some amusement earlier when Will tried to put vodka in the soda machine thing I bought him for Christmas. Long story short he was sprayed all over with vodka and the kitchen was soaked in it for a bit. The house smelled of vodka. If he tries this again in the future he'll adjust his methods.

It's a good day so far, despite my tense and negative mood. Will and I discussed doing some house organizing type things today. Might be a good idea. Feeling productive will help us both.

Then maybe we'll see friends tonight if we're up for leaving the house. It'd involve a hot tub so that's a pretty good reason to brave the cold. My body LOVES hot tub nights, lol... the benefits often help for days after.

Tomorrow I either stay home and work on comics/art, or I go out to a bridal show thing and THEN go home to do comics/art. Either way the art part happens, just a matter of when in the day and if I'm going to put shoes on that day.

It seems no matter what, pain or exhaustion or bitterness/insecurity stuff aside... it's gonna be a good weekend.


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