Jan. 13th, 2015

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Stayed up too late again. But this time it's not because of pain and depression and avoidance. I sat on the couch with Will. We cuddled, talked Dragon Age (debated the lore, the characters, what might be coming next), watched TV shows and a movie, giggled at things on the internet together. We're about to go over a week without seeing each other. And yes we're ALWAYS TOGETHER right now and a breather sounds perfect but it'll still be a bit tough. On one hand, he's very much a part of my routine and everything. On the other hand, this runs the risk of me taking him for granted and vice versa. So me trying to go away every so often is a good thing.

Tomorrow I do laundry, I pack, I get some art done, I try for chores. Wednesday is therapy and waxing and maybe seeing friends. Thursday I head out of town but need to figure out what time of day that'll be happening. From Friday on I'm determined not to give a shit because I'll have other much happier concerns.

Okay. Bed time now. <3
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Laundry's in the washing machine, dishes are in the dishwasher. Had a healthy lunch. Pain is behaving so far today, so I'm gonna sit and try to draw now.

So far so good, Tuesday. Keep it up.

7 8 9

Jan. 13th, 2015 09:19 pm
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Imaria: I remember inane shit all the time, but can't remember anything overly involving the number 7.
Imaria: Just 7.
Me: 7's a bitch, i'm not surprised
Imaria: Cannibal number.
Me: either cannibal or just polite in bed
Imaria: Given 9's known proclivities, that's very plausible.
Me: 6 is such a Nice Guy
Imaria: 6 was afraid of 7 because of confidence issues relating to oral sex performance.
Imaria: Because that was 6 & 9's THING, you know? But 7 also 8 9.
Me: we latch onto and extrapolate on some weird and very specific shit.


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