Mar. 16th, 2015

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Got a sore throat. I think it's just painful sinus drainage crap considering how chaotic the last few days has been with the weather. I have no fever, I'm not feet-dragging tired, there's no cough or chills or any of that crap. Just sore throat and some sniffly crap, so it's probably just sinuses. To be safe I did a shot of Dayquil and also took some 24 hour allergy stuff before bed last night. Also some ibuprofen for any inflammation. It's gonna be a busy week and I do not want to be even a LITTLE slowed down.

Today I'm getting out of the house. I've been going just a little bit cabin fever stir-crazy and I need to fix that. Tomorrow I have an appointment in the morning in Dallas (for a damn pelvic ultrasound, no idea why they can't do this in Denton but whatever). Wednesday the day is mostly free but that night I have an appointment. Thursday is therapy. Yeah. Plenty to do outside of the house.

New laptop adapter should be here by Wednesday - THANK ALL THE FUCKING GODS OUT THERE, I have been going bugfuck without one. It's meant limited internet use (mobile and an old laptop borrowed from Will let me do the basic shit but not what I'm used to) and no work and I've been about ready to SNAP.

I get to work soon - I'm unbelievably excited about this. Been doing plenty of art by hand and being able to color it is making me practically giddy with excitement.

Yesterday was weird. I was close to snapping from boredom and loneliness and anxiety and pain. I was (and am) sick of needing painkillers so I'd avoided it all day. Will got home from LARPing and I finally caved and took a couple. Amazing the difference when they kicked in (which was luckily quickly, it can sometimes take like two hours to take)... got to spend a couple of hours resting with Will watching stand-up on Netflix and laughing a lot. Took a while to get to sleep but once I did I rested pretty well.

I have high hopes for this week. Getting out of the house might risk me getting in more pain but it'll be worth it for the mental release. Even going all the way to Dallas at bumfuck AM is going to help my mood considerably. Why? Because it's something other than my office and livingroom and god help me even a sad hospital will be an improvement at this point.
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The weather's really nice today. Tagged along with Roq to his appointment and we hit up the Perot museum (which I've passed many times and wondered about but this was the first time in) to see the Sherlock Holmes exhibit. It was lovely! Lots of cool stuff and they offered a mystery to solve - didn't really participate but it was super crowded and hard to do anyway. It was fun enough watching lots of kids and adults both do so.

The biggest thing to note about the museum is that I wasn't up for putting together the scooter and bringing it, so I walked it. Sure the exhibit isn't huge but this was still a big deal for me. I WALKED! I'll probably hurt for days after but it was fantastic. Not to mention less stressful, it was crowded and hard to navigate at times and a scooter would have probably been hard to maneuver in the crowds and it would have riled me up something fierce.

So we left the museum and I was practically giddy and bouncy from victory. We grabbed a bite to eat then headed into Denton so I could get an eyebrow wax.

Now I'm home and OF COURSE while we were gone is when my laptop adapter was delivered but needed to be signed for so it's at the post office. GAH! Oh well, got a VA appointment tomorrow and after that we can swing by the post office and hopefully I can pick it up then.

So yeah. Despite that small bit of annoyance I'm in good spirits today.


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