Mar. 17th, 2015

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Interesting day. Got up early and dragged my feet out the door to head towards the Dallas VA hospital for a 9am appointment. Ideally it's about an hour's drive, took twice that long. The line to get into the parking lot was so long and slow that I gave up and exited the car while STILL ON THE STREET in order to go into the hospital while Roq found parking (which took him a half hour, I was already in my appointment by the time he parked)

Appointment was uncomfortable. It was a pelvic ultrasound, the kind you need to have a full bladder for and BOY DID I.

Then after this ultrasound she goes "okay now go ahead and use the bathroom then come back for the transvaginal part"



No one told me about this

I had NO prep for this. Ideally there's really no prep involved and this would have just been a vaguely unpleasant surprise. But my hips up in stirrups? If I'd known that was coming I would have taken pain killers and stretched the hips first thing in the morning to be ready. I did none of this. By the time I was done (it took less than 10 minutes) I was miserable and cranky.

But the VA called a few minutes ago, my doc already looked over the results (apparently they found a cyst - clearly it's not too big of a deal, I didn't even notice it causing any issues) and she's putting me in for the IUD consult soon. So I'll have one more exam before they schedule the insertion. With how the VA moves I'll hopefully have this stupid thing finally in me by April or May.

Fingers crossed.

Anyway, after the VA we went back to town and stopped by the post office. I picked up the package I missed yesterday, which cheered me up considerably... because I GOT A LAPTOP ADAPTER!!! FINALLY!!! I ordered this like a month ago! I HAVE MY WORK LAPTOP BACK! Eeee!

We then grabbed foods and came home and I've been just drained and exhausted ever since.

Hopefully energy picks up enough for me to get some art done tonight at least. Even if it's just some for-fun art. I've missed it so much.

Catching up on TV right now.

Tomorrow is another appointment but not until later in the afternoon. This means I can rest and do art all day. Score. :)


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