Mar. 24th, 2015

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Had a bit of a rough night. Saw a name I didn't want to see and it set off some stuff. Reopened some wounds. I didn't handle it all that well. So I popped a melatonin around 1am after tossing and turning and crying a bit. It did the trick... I fell asleep shortly after that and stayed that way until Will got up for work (and an extra hour after that)

For as bad as my night was, the day kicked ass. Bit of a slow start, was up almost an hour before I even made coffee. I was a little out of it, cramps were tough (still haven't started of course, these pre-cramps can last a week or two... it's cruel). BUT once I started, I didn't stop. Got about three commissions done, started on two more. Even did some for-fun art. Cleaned up the dishes that had piled up the last couple of days.

So, I'll call these last 24 hours a win despite some iffiness last night. I do worry a bit about tonight, I worry about the day leading to a crash, and the second I don't have sunlight I worry about that getting worse. But Will's gonna be home by then and maybe we'll watch some movies or play a game or something.


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