Mar. 27th, 2015

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Yesterday was weird. I was exhausted from the moment I woke up. I would have slept in a bit more but Diana was having none of it. She sat on my chest and wrapped her paw around my hand and nipped at it until I pet her. I got up, made coffee, didn't finish it because my period decided to make it so it tasted seriously disgusting.

Drifted in and out of sleep until it was time for therapy. Grabbed an energy drink because I knew I was going to need it to talk for an hour.

Therapy went well. With how painful it was last week, this session was a good deal more casual. I've noticed when I have a rough session she tends to lighten it up a lot more the next week. Which is good, she knows what she's doing.

After therapy there was an impromptu late lunch with friends. Roq and I got there early so checked out the "gourmet popcorn" place right next door. Actually ended up interested in one of the flavors. There was a line though so we went to the restaurant. Lunch went really well, I was glad it happened - it was exactly what I needed. Fun geeky conversation, iced tea (unsweet, sweet is an abomination), pad thai, good friends. It was fun.

After lunch we went back to the popcorn place. Picked up the sriracha lime popcorn for Will and then a big bag of the one I thought sounded good - dill pickle popcorn. And I was right, it's FUCKING DELICIOUS.

Got home. Watched some TV with Will. Drifted in and out of sleep starting around 8pm. Around 9 Will asked if I wanted coffee, I declined (partly because I knew it'd still taste bad, partly because 9 is way too late)

Dinner helped me stay awake long enough to wait until a decent hour for bed. Hip pain spiked up so I couldn't sleep easy. A couple of painkillers later I was OUT. I slept like the dead.

Good thing too, because today I feel a million times better.

Hopeful about productivity today. Hopeful about having a lovely weekend, followed by a very very good couple of weeks.

Coffee tastes good today. <3
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Top weight, 220lbs

Current weight, 177lbs

Goal? Not sure. Depends on the gained muscle I'm hoping to get. Ideally somewhere in the 130 range but we'll see.

Yay progress.
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Today's energy was appreciated but short-lived. Luckily in that time I managed to finish and upload Monday's comic - one less thing to worry about over the weekend.

Played a bit of DA:I to keep awake. Started a new character because I have a problem, but I wanted another pretty elf mage girl (since my first one was my favorite)... haven't played the expansion yet but at least I have it installed now.

Tomorrow I hope the exhaustion part of shark week is over. That's USUALLY the pattern but who knows. I want to get some cleaning done and some laundry. Ideally I'd go out tomorrow night to see friends but we'll see how I feel. I might be stuck at home alone instead.

Sunday should be good.

Watching TV now and waiting for Will to get home from feeding some friends' dogs while they're out of town.

I'll probably crash shortly after he gets home. Been so damn tired... second winds are fun but I'd like to get in some good sleep tonight and hope it does the trick and I can survive tomorrow.


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