Mar. 29th, 2015

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It's been months since I've partied. I've been out a handful of times but due to anxiety or pain (honestly usually both, turns out a high pain spike makes everything terrible, including "noise") and when Will was unemployed I'd insist he and the roommate go without me because I wanted some fucking time/space to myself for a few hours.

Last night I went out, with an "escape" plan in case pain got too bad or something. It ended up not really being necessary. It was a fantastic night. I got tipsy but not drunk, had several wonderful conversations with some of my favorite people in the world, and just had a really good time altogether. Went home sometime after 1, mostly sobered up and exhausted in that good "I actually spent this energy and it wasn't taken away by pain or sickness" way.

Hangover-free today. Thirsty of course but I had a lot of water last night so I don't feel like my whole body has dry mouth or something.

So, yeah. I'm in good spirits. Last night was like an hours-long therapy session to help me open up a part of myself I've had to keep shut off for months now.

Not saying I'll go back to weekly or even a consistent every-other-week party (still need my nights alone), but... I think when I DO go now, I won't be forced home after only two hours. This was like a damn breakthrough and I'm pleased.


Sometime today I head down to Houston for the next couple of weeks. I'm excited. Got everything packed, just relaxing now. Might watch some TV or something. We'll see how the day goes until we leave. ^_^


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