Jun. 23rd, 2015

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Finally got pest control. Have seen a few spiders and wasps keep sneaking into our bedroom. Some guy was going door to door and I was tired of not having it done so I signed up for a 12 month plan. It's pricy but we have a decently big house so I expected it, and I might poke Will and Roq for help with later payments (this first one was hugely discounted so I'm not as concerned with that)

Yay, adulting.

Tonight I'm having Will help me look up some good dirt/mulch options online. Get started on kicking those flowerbeds' asses. First things first, weed and grass kill the shit out of 'em. Let that sink in for a while. Then get some good soil and mulch in. Then first things first, the HOA-required amount of shrubbery for our sized lot (yeah yeah HOAs suck, I get it, but I like shrubbery so I don't care)... after all that, THEN I handle things like getting some pretty flowers in there like I've always wanted. And god help me we need to find a cheap option for rocks to surround the flowerbeds with... it's RIDICULOUS that those sized rocks can cost like 100 bucks a pop. Screw that. I've checked Craigslist before and they often have cheap/free options for that so I'd rather do that, but only when I can wrangle some able bodies and a car to transport everything. :P

So, yay. Adulting even when sick. Extra adult XP when you do that.


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