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I don't know what I ate or drank or took before bed last night but my dream got WEIRD. Like I woke up going "was this a movie I saw, or just want to see?"

In the dream I was a Korean girl, ALMOST sure it was North Korean but that part was fuzzy. I was young and my older brother had pressured me into this mail-order bride thing in order for us both to get to the US. It didn't quite work out in the "find a husband" part but unbeknownst to both my brother and I, the mail-order-bride service was a cover for the Korean government to secretly brainwash and train and experiment on these girls to turn them into super soldiers (unbeknownst to me because, you know, they erase that part of your memory)

So the mail-order thing doesn't work out, as I mentioned. My brother's mad that we didn't get to the US successfully so I run away and hide out at some all-girls boarding school or something. The government doesn't like that their super soldier just got away so they track me down there. Meanwhile I STILL have no idea, and am baffled when soldiers attack the school.

This is when a rogue soldier or ex-soldier or something from some other super soldier program (who looked like a young Schwarzenegger (yeah, random white dude in the Korean army, okay) like half the time but then just looked like another more believable human being) decided to help me out. He protected me while I slowly began to discover what I was, find clues that led me to find out about the super soldier project.

At the end of the day the rogue soldier helped out a lot and everything, but I realized my full potential and saved my own damn self.

Then I woke up.

And, as I said, went "... was this a movie? WHERE DID THAT COME FROM?"

I told Will about it. His response was "It's not a movie I'VE seen. But I totally WOULD."


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