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A-kon is done. I'm home now, resting and sipping coffee (my first cup since Thursday)... last night was the first mostly-full night of sleep in days (Dianakitty was VERY glad we were home and spent of a lot of the night not shutting the hell up)

Worked the art show. As always, I mentioned this to some people and they looked for me in artists alley thinking I had a vendor table. NOPE. Never had a table at A-kon before. Art show is also a bit difficult for some people to find, so if we're still working it next year and we'll be in the same room I'm thinking of trying to essentially "advertise" for us. Hell even if we're NOT gonna work it I might do the same thing. More exposure for the art there is always good.

Volunteering meant a free room. We were staying with a nice gal named Sara. I did not sleep very well over the weekend despite being exhausted.

Pain levels were RIDICULOUS. I had some painkillers that took the edge off long enough to get through my art show shifts, at least. But a nasty stormfront was on its way and didn't show up until Sunday. Ouch.

Lots of shenanigans I didn't partake in. Honestly I checked out the artists alley and dealer's room once, but otherwise I was in too much pain and too tired to do anything but finish my shift and go back up to the hotel room to rest. Sucks, as there were plenty of awesome people and parties and fun times. Some BAD shenanigans too (that I briefly "participated" in at 3:30 AM Sunday morning when the fire alarm went off and we had to evacuate the hotel. Friends I saw outside while we waited it out said I looked like I was about to murder everyone within a 50ft radius. I argued that I wouldn't do this, I would specifically seek out whoever set the alarm off, especially if it was on purpose)

Afterparty went all right, it was good to unwind a bit. I did not keep up well with hydration over the weekend though so I opted out of alcohol.

Glad to be home. Despite the exhaustion, pain, bad sleep, etc... I'm glad I went. I really am. The good points always outweigh the bad.

No plans outside of the house this week. Well that's not true, I scheduled a massage this week... it's necessary. Also possibly a party Saturday if I'm feeling up to it. Otherwise doing hair-related things at home this week and that's the focus for the next few days.

Glad A-kon happened. Glad to be home.

Now we reset our brains to start preparing for... wait for it... DISNEYWORLD. Will's family is taking us there at the end of the month whiiiich is basically just a couple of weeks now (GAH)... we need to prepare. Buy travel stuff (we're driving), any clothes I might need, finish hair up if possible, get ALL THE SUNSCREEN, schedule any private date-type things Will and I want to do alone (which might frequently just be us staying in the hotel while everyone else goes out so we can order breakfast in bed or something)

Like I've said, this month is busy. I don't think I'll regret any second of it, but by July I'll either be so drained I can barely talk to people or I'll be so fired up and energetic that I'll want to start my own cult. Who's in?! ;)
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Packed. I don't think I'm forgetting anything. Either there'll be wifi I can access at the hotel or I'll be quiet for the weekend. I'm bringing things to keep me as not-bored as possible if that's an issue.
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Added worry about this weekend: STORMS! Probably Sunday. That means pain! YAAAAY :P I foresee a lot of doing my volunteer shift and then hiding in the hotel room whining. ;)
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Yesterday I did a system update on my phone. It was taking weirdly long and when it prompted me to unzip something I wasn't so sure about I told it to go back and reboot. It would not reboot. Freezes up, every time.

Will did what he could, but nothing worked.

Took it to Sprint today, and it is officially dead.

This is right before we'll be spending all weekend at A-kon and I'll need some way to keep in touch with people to schedule things, coordinate, etc.

I'm rather displeased with this whole turn of events. :P

I'll bring the laptop with me to the con, hopefully wifi of some sort is an option. Right now it's the only way to keep in touch at all, as my replacement phone (yay insurance) comes in Monday at the soonest.

As it stands, if wifi isn't an option (I think the hotel offers 24-hour wifi at a fee... it's not a LOT but it's more than I'd like and we're staying in a room provided by staff because we're volunteering, so I'm not even sure how that would end up being charged) then I'll have to do most of my communicating through Will. That's going to make me a little twitchy (especially if Will's the one I need to get in touch with, or he's just off doing his own thing because we're not joined at the hip... if this situation makes me too dependent on him it's gonna make us both twitchy, heh)

So, yeah.

This weekend could be... interesting. :P


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