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Due to extreme shoulder pain (arthritis, tendonitis, and my good ol' painful muscle tenseness and inflammation making it worse) I've not been able to draw much in... god, like... a year. Coloring is even harder.

Today I kinda managed.

It's not much, but every bit of progress is something. Now to dig a lacrosse ball into my screaming shoulder and then ice that bitch.

RWBY fanart )
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I set up a Patreon... it'd been suggested and even requested a few times but I'd not gotten around to it due to... I don't even know, fear? Pride? One of those two emotions kept me from seeking out more financial options in life. And that's... that's stupid. So I'm making another effort.

And soon I'll call the VA and start up the process to re-take some X-rays, scans, MRIs, whatever they need so I can throw all that stuff on the pile of Reasons 250 Bucks A Month Isn't Cutting It. Hopefully with all that ready, the DAV can help me bump my disability up a significant amount.

My therapist is right. I can't expect to be able to support and help and work on other people without doing it for myself first. So yes while getting to a more reliable financial spot will help others too, it also helps me.

And if the Patreon goes well and my stress levels go down, I can probably make comics more than once a week. Which I've been wanting to do for a while now, but I've been spending all my art energy on commissions only. I love Head Trip but it hasn't brought in enough for me to focus on in an immediate sense. So... hopefully that changes now.
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So tonight there’s a Halloween/birthday party with a bunch of friends. I can’t go. :( I’m suffering the worst migraine I’ve ever had - it’s being very stubborn and isn’t responding to meds as well as it normally does. Very frustrating.

BUT just because I can’t go, doesn’t mean I can’t send a small part of me. Will was dressing up as a Shadowrun character and he let me draw on him! He did most the make-up on his face but I did the neck and chest and arms. The symbols and such mean nothing, I just sort of made things up as I went.

So I’m home alone in the dark feeling like crap, but at least my art gets to go party tonight :)

pictures! )
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I had a dream last night about a friend bragging to some one that I drew the best penises they’d ever seen. I was so upset with the friend because I was all “WAY TO BUILD UP THEIR EXPECTATIONS, MY PENISES ARE ONLY OKAY" and I stormed off to go practice drawing penises so the new person wouldn’t be disappointed
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"I am the Morning, I am the rising sun. Love me or hate me, fear me or embrace me, I will not demand anything from you except that you know my power. I soft, I am gentle, I am loving and I am healing, but above all of this I am fire and I am power and I will burn. I am the Morning."
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Talked to my therapist this week about "the zone" and the following crash when I do art. She wisely likened it to exercising. There's a damn good reason you should stretch before and after working out, so you don't shock your system and hurt yourself. You NEED to wind up and back down or Things Go Badly. The brain is the same way. So now next time I know it'll be a long workday I'm going to "stretch" first. The initial stretching is easy - I normally do a daily sketch anyway that kind of gets me in the right headspace. Though some days I need to do a bit more than that to get there, that's fine. Easy enough. But "stretching" AFTER? That's where I need to find a good method. I've heard a lot of great suggestions... some made sense, like sketching more, but usually I'm so artistically exhausted that this might be a bad idea. Others made a lot of sense - hot shower or bath, video games, TV (either mindless or engaging, both have been argued for)... basically a distraction that is either mentally stimulating in different ways than The Zone (video game, engaging TV), or slowly calming (bath)... I'm willing to try things. Other suggestions included "take breaks"... which... okay MOST of the time that's manageable, I can take breaks. But seriously in the moment, I DO NOT WANT TO, and if the break is too long I'll crash anyway and not be able to get back. So I'd have to be careful there.

But yeah I don't want to give up hitting that place. Some suggestions were just outright "don't get in the zone" because of the risks. Which... I don't know, I get it? But fuck that, I'll just learn how to do it correctly rather than avoiding it altogether.
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So I've been working on a piece I hope to show at the A-kon art show at the end of this month/beginning of June. It was something I cooked up as an idea while half-asleep after rewatching The Doctor's Wife for the fifth time.

I'm kind of glad I took progress photos.

Progress shots! All shitty mobile phone quality pictures, but clear enough )

Now here we are... all put together in more-or-less the fashion it will be glued on together. All layered and shiny. There's still a bit of touch-up to do before I buy glue (something I didn't think of until today, whoops) and finish it and buy a cheap frame to hang it up for display/sale.

If this doesn't sell at A-kon I'll probably put it up online and auction it off or something. We'll see how it all goes.

In any case, I'm pleased. Sore as hell, but pleased. :)
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Don't get me wrong, most of the time I enjoy my art having the closest-to-realistic lighting sources possible. But once in a while I want throw caution to the wind and be all "Fuck you, there is no lighting source THERE IS ONLY ZUUL"
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Did three comics today. Wore myself out but decided to do just one more picture, a "for fun" one as it's been a while since I've completed a just-for-me drawing.

So here, Eden, from the Scion game.

Scion - Eden Solo by *shinga on deviantART
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Drawing to music... been a while...

Ten Thousand Fists )


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