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On July 3rd 20 years ago, my then-8-year-old little brother Addison was upstairs putting sheets on his bed before bedtime. He squeezed between his bunk bed and the open window. He reached for the sheet, missed, and fell backwards and out the window. He was hospitalized for a while, but survived with no lasting issues. So I threw him a 20 year celebration! :)

I printed out the skulls and wrote all the speech bubbles. I got eyepatch party favors because he had to wear an eyepatch for weeks after he was in the hospital (the head injury crossed his eyes for a while there) I googled a drink recipe called “Michael’s Downfall” (Addison’s first name is Michael… the drink turned out to be pretty tasty!)… my fiance-husband-thing made a “falling” themed playlist. I made cookies. I had the head wrap stuff ready with markers and people drew on it or signed it. We ended the night watching Big Hero 6 (he hadn’t seen it and, hell, the main song was sang by Fall Out Boy so it still fit the theme ;))

The shining moment, I think, is that I bought him a replacement stuffed cookie monster doll that was stolen in the hospital when he was eight years old. It was the necessary sappy moment of the night. :)

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I'm very, very hard to surprise. Will's expressed frustration throughout our entire relationship about this. I've guessed presents, surprise parties, everything. After six years he's now managed two surprises* and he's been super proud of himself both times.
wink emoticon

*First was the proposal at Disneyworld - I knew it was coming, just not when exactly. :)

Second was tonight when my family came up from San Antonio to have a birthday dinner and give me presents and cupcakes. ^_^

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Dinner with dad and Jenn last night went really well. We even managed chatting about politics and social issues without it being an issue. We even talked about Will and I's poly relationship (which they're both supportive over - they find it odd, but they know we're very much in love and happy) and the moral differences between poly and cheating. We drank, we cussed, we laughed, we watched some Tim Minchin, we had a tasty dinner. It was just a really good night all around.

Today is our Pathfinder game. I'm in a lot of pain, we've got another cold front coming in next week. Something is pinched in the left hip, the whole leg is somewhat numb but also hurting? Ugh.

Tomorrow we're hoping to catch Big Hero 6. I also need to do the comic tomorrow but I'll have time.

So far my Busy November is going really well.
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First things first, VA appointment.

Got there an hour early and they actually got me in early as a result. Did the nurse exam first where she asked me a lot of questions (pain levels, pain location, how does pain effect A/B/C/etc, do you smoke, do you drink, how many drinks, are you depressed, etc)

Exam itself was relatively quick. I do not have diabetes. The only thing I need to work on is triglyceride, everything else is looking better than it was 6 months ago (cholesterol and sodium are both doing much better)... she suggested fish oil and a continued diet improvement and weight loss (both of which she's already very happy about - apparently I'm on the right track) and said for my age the triglyceride levels aren't dangerous but it's better to work on them NOW rather than having this same problem in 10-20 years and risking heart disease.

She also prescribed Tramadol which should be arriving in the mail sometime this week. She wants to hold back on Vicodin for the time being due to my age... which is fine, Tramadol seems to work okay these days (DID NOT work a few years ago, it made things worse... a rare reaction but still happens)

Also apparently the VA offers chiropractic services now? Now... I'm not really eager to use a chiropractor hired by the VA. Especially since they're all the way in south Dallas. But the doc insisted I go in for a consult and that they could hopefully find a non-VA chiropractor locally that they could send me to. THAT would be workable. I could do that. So Monday morning I get an X-Ray in Denton so they can schedule the consult in Dallas. They'll evaluate my needs and figure out a hopeful plan after that.

She also mentioned the VA weight loss program. I told her it wasn't doable because it was in Dallas, and she said they have it set up now where I can do it online. Well, fuck, if I can do it online, hell yeah I'll play along. :P

So... I don't know. Today wielded more good results than bad. I AM glad I don't have diabetes, but... at the same time it's yet another pointless lead. I get so tired of that... like I'm chasing a carrot on a string. So yes... not having diabetes IS CLEARLY A GOOD THING, I don't WANT diabetes... but just... having a diagnosis, something that explains anything, helps. Naming my enemy HELPS. And I have a few names here and there, but... *sighs* I don't know. I sometimes wish it was JUST THE ONE THING. Just one. One thing that explains everything away, that's fixable. Yes apparently I wish this were an episode of House. ;P



Next topic, family.

Everyone left today.

House is quiet.

I'll miss them, of course... but having my routine back, having my space back, is going to be nice.

Now for some leftover curry and some relaxed TV time. I might call USAA in a minute, discuss possibly getting a credit card through them. Fingers crossed. Fingers crossed for so, so many things.
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Family dinner/time was relatively painless. We hung out, quoted stupid movies, laughed, ordered some Chinese food (curry, mmm) and watched silly videos on YouTube. Hips are cranky over the second floor apartment but we're home now and I'm on a comfortable couch.

Tomorrow will be odd. Got an appointment with the VA to discuss both pain management and the test results from the bloodwork last week (to find out if I have diabetes)... oddly I've not really had the time to focus on feeling nervous. That's been a small blessing. I mostly just feel... I don't know, numbly impatient? I think I've had too many "leads" of possible physical ailments to explain away all my problems and then had them not pan out. Diabetes could just be yet another "oh man if you have this it explains SO MUCH and treating it will help you immensely" wild goose chase. So more than anything I just want to know, yes or no, and go from there. I want the answer but I'm not feeling hope or dread either way.

Roommate has an appointment at the same time and is driving. So he'll just drop me off at the clinic really early and I'll bring a book or something. After the appointment my dad might be in the area so he can just pick me up and bring me home (he needs to head to my place anyway to pick up Sibling+SiblingRoommatePerson to take them to the airport), I just need to remember to call him after my appointment. I don't know, we'll see.

After that I'll go home to a far more empty house. Maybe get a bit of work done. See my friend that night and go out for a movie at a place that serves drinks. It seems like that's a good idea for both of us.

Wednesday is therapy and hopefully seeing friends that night. Thursday... no idea there, maybe get some stuff done around the house and spend some quiet time with Will (something we've been lacking this week with company around and also something I'd like to have as much of as possible throughout August).... Friday, nothing yet. Saturday, I think some things - I need to check my calendar.

Sometime this week I want to start on my August List. Things I want to do this month to keep myself occupied. And even start on my September list too, or at least a set schedule.

The idea of busyness brings some calm. So long as I don't overdo it and burn myself out I think it'll be really good.
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Just had the longest day ever. Did not sleep worth shit last night (unexpected high-caffeine drink)... like 2-3 non-consecutive hours at most. Woke up and left before dawn.

See, my youngest brother has been visiting this month. Hanging mostly with my dad and other brother, not so much with me... we have a decently big age difference and we've never been that close so I wasn't too surprised or hurt that we didn't hang. But he needed to go back home to San Antonio where he lives with my mom.

So my dad was gonna drive down there to drop him off and while he was there pick up my sister (who also lives in SA with her husband) to bring her BACK to DFW for a visit.

He offered to take me with him for the very long day trip and I thought... hell, why not? Boyfran's out of town this weekend, I didn't have any solid plans for the day, and it'd be nice to see my mom and brother-in-law.

So yeah. It was actually a really awesome day. EXHAUSTING AS FUCK. I had my dad drop me off at a friends' place and I soaked in their hot tub for a bit to help with some pain stuff. Only spent a bit of time in the tub before dragging myself out and passing out on their couch. xD Home now, so so so ready for bed. Thirsty first though so yay water.

Eventually I'd like to stay in SA for a bit. Not that long, maybe a week hanging with my mom. I'd also eventually like to visit Austin, I've never been... we drove past it and it looked like a fun place to hang out in.

Right, sleep now. Mmm, sleep. :)


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