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I set up a Patreon... it'd been suggested and even requested a few times but I'd not gotten around to it due to... I don't even know, fear? Pride? One of those two emotions kept me from seeking out more financial options in life. And that's... that's stupid. So I'm making another effort.

And soon I'll call the VA and start up the process to re-take some X-rays, scans, MRIs, whatever they need so I can throw all that stuff on the pile of Reasons 250 Bucks A Month Isn't Cutting It. Hopefully with all that ready, the DAV can help me bump my disability up a significant amount.

My therapist is right. I can't expect to be able to support and help and work on other people without doing it for myself first. So yes while getting to a more reliable financial spot will help others too, it also helps me.

And if the Patreon goes well and my stress levels go down, I can probably make comics more than once a week. Which I've been wanting to do for a while now, but I've been spending all my art energy on commissions only. I love Head Trip but it hasn't brought in enough for me to focus on in an immediate sense. So... hopefully that changes now.
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People keep asking me about a new Emokid and Chemokid story. I know where I want the plot to go but goddamn I having the biggest writer's block ever when it comes to things like "details" and "dialogue" and "actual story rather than just the concept". I really DO want to make some more E&C story soon, just need to kick that muse right in the tail until it cooperates.
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My God... AN UPDATE! This has long been foretold by... um... well, me... sometimes. At long last the planets are aligned and the stars are shiny enough or something!

Also, goddamn multigrain cheddar Pringles are tasty.
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I see no reason it should not be done and updated on Monday.

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blurry pic of progress )

btw, yes, Will got my computer working. I named it Hurley though honestly it may have been more fitting/funnier to name it Murphy with all the things that went wrong in trying to bring it to life.


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