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On July 3rd 20 years ago, my then-8-year-old little brother Addison was upstairs putting sheets on his bed before bedtime. He squeezed between his bunk bed and the open window. He reached for the sheet, missed, and fell backwards and out the window. He was hospitalized for a while, but survived with no lasting issues. So I threw him a 20 year celebration! :)

I printed out the skulls and wrote all the speech bubbles. I got eyepatch party favors because he had to wear an eyepatch for weeks after he was in the hospital (the head injury crossed his eyes for a while there) I googled a drink recipe called “Michael’s Downfall” (Addison’s first name is Michael… the drink turned out to be pretty tasty!)… my fiance-husband-thing made a “falling” themed playlist. I made cookies. I had the head wrap stuff ready with markers and people drew on it or signed it. We ended the night watching Big Hero 6 (he hadn’t seen it and, hell, the main song was sang by Fall Out Boy so it still fit the theme ;))

The shining moment, I think, is that I bought him a replacement stuffed cookie monster doll that was stolen in the hospital when he was eight years old. It was the necessary sappy moment of the night. :)

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Got out of the house today. Checked out this Swedish shop in Plano I'd never heard of called The Wooden Spoon. I will DEFINITELY need to go back. I loved it.

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Also it was just... a really good time to get out of the house. I was tense and upset and lonely and frustrated with the VA and people and yeah. Getting out, geeking out with a friend for a while and getting some good talking time in, seeing new things, getting cool stuff... I needed the break. It calmed my head down a bit.

Hopefully it carries through for the rest of the night.


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