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Will's been letting me take his antispasmodic pills for my cramps and holy shit it's amazing. Works SO fast and pretty much elimates the cramps all together. Which, duh... makes sense. MUSCLE SPASMS. CRAMPS. SAME THING.

Started period this morning, clearly. Woke up to a snuggly purring kitty. I pet her for a bit then felt that all-too-familiar cramp... the cramp that's clearly not a pre-period cramp. LOVELY.

So I'll take some of those pills with me when we go to lunch with the family. And take plenty for the trip. I should probably only cramp through the weekend and lighten up a lot by Sunday or so. Which is good, I'd hate to be heavy and cramping while I'm with the boyfriendpet next week. :)

So excited for this trip.

Dyeing my hair right now. Once I wash it out I'll finish up packing. If I manage it before lunch I'll attend a friends-thanksgiving thing after family stuff. If I DON'T finish I'll stay home tonight.

*excited bounce*

And Will's girlfriend will be going with us to TRF, too. So it's gonna be a fun weekend, and he has some one in the car with him when he goes home Sunday. He CAN drive by himself but he gets bored so it's best for him to have company. :)

I might be taking on some new commission work next week to keep me busy in Houston. I love being able to work from my laptop! ^_^

I swear once I finally start my period (and so long as cramps aren't destroying my will to live) I'm SO much more chipper than I am while in the middle of PMS death. xD


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