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Top weight, 220lbs

Current weight, 177lbs

Goal? Not sure. Depends on the gained muscle I'm hoping to get. Ideally somewhere in the 130 range but we'll see.

Yay progress.
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Milestone reached: lost 40lbs

I think at 50lbs I'll treat myself to something awesome. Just gotta decide what. Maybe a spa day or something. :)
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I kind of want a "healthier eating" accountability partner. But too often those types tend to turn into angry drill sergeants and I know how rebellious I can get... so gently encouragement is probably the better way to go. That way I'm less likely to hide things... like I would want some one I can trust to text and be all, "Well I could have had a salad but instead I ate a family pack of Mac n' Cheese" and instead of the person being all "YOU ARE A WASTE OF OXYGEN, YOU'RE PATHETIC AND NOT EVEN TRYING, WHY EVEN BOTHER YOU ARE A SAD FATTIE" going with something like "It's okay. You'll do better tomorrow - we both will. Mac and Cheese is tasty! But salad is also tasty. :)"

IDK. I'm also probably going to add "eat healthy breakfast/lunch/dinner/snack" things on HabitRPG. Added XP is always a fun encouragement for good habits.

All of this brought on by me being stuck at 197lbs (which is still better than the 220 I topped at)... BUT I've lost an inch off my waist - possibly more, actually, I'm bloated from pre-Shark Week nonsense.

Progress. I'll get the body I want, dammit. Slowly but surely.

Kinda doubt I'll be at 170 by November (what the doctor said I should aim for) but I can at least be closer.


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