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First physical therapy session done.

They started with a heating pack on my neck. Next they wanted me to do cardio but there's pretty much very little I can do physically. I told them that, he had me very gently try the stationary bike just to get the muscles moving. Moving is fine and it didn't hurt too bad. After that he showed me a couple of tricks to start breaking down some of the muscle damage and build some strength back up in the hips. All very useful stuff.

Then we got to the actual reason I was there... fixing the upper part. So we worked on my shoulders, including trying to strengthen my upper back muscles because right now my shoulders and chest are pulling at those muscles and weakening them which leads to spasms.

I'm sore right now, but it's clean pain. The therapist working with me was communicative, patient, complimentary, encouraging, and didn't talk down to me (especially when I told him I've researched a lot and have worked in the medical field)

So I'm sore and tired and chugging water like crazy but I'm encouraged by this first session. Next one is Thursday, then Saturday, then we repeat that schedule another three times after that. By then I hope my back is tougher and my shoulder and neck pain is lessened.

The range of motion in my neck is bad right now but the muscles are strong. That doesn't shock me, with hair this long I would HOPE the neck is strong. :P


Also, while I was focused on this today Will made a gofundme for a new computer for me so I can get right back to work as soon as the physical therapy has progressed enough that I can draw without either crying from pain or just downing painkiller after painkiller.

I miss work. I miss the comic. I'm going a bit stir crazy.

Also, since the accident I've now had two instances where I drank a bit too much and the affected muscles FREAKED OUT. So until this month is over, not having much booze. One or two drinks tops, anything more than that seems to exacerbate the issue.
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It's been a quiet weekend. I spent a lot of it gaming. Stayed up late last night. Will got in late and was chatty so I didn't get to sleep until maybe 3-ish. The cat woke me up at 5 for snuggles. Woke up again at 9 for pills. Went back to bed and stayed until 11 or so. Got up, made myself some coffee (which I've been yoinking from Will, haven't gotten new coffee for myself yet)

I started on the comic while watching Netflix. When Will got up he took control of the TV to game for a while, which was fine. He was playing SWTOR and so long as I have a story going on the TV that I can half-focus on while working I don't get stressed.

Then at some point in the late afternoon/early evening I fucked up my back so fucking backly. I don't know what happened, really. I was sitting on the couch, I reached for something, and something just... twisted. Sharp crackling pain, intense and constant. I could barely move. I still can't turn/twist my back... after four different painkillers and hours on a heating pad I'm able to breathe again but I still have to be careful.

If it's still really bad tomorrow I'll see about going to a doctor.

Hopefully sleep tonight comes easy and I don't make it worse. I'll be keeping it easy this week. Soon as I can trust myself to get in and out of a bath without further injury I'll use hot baths too. Or hell just do that starting tomorrow but wait until Will is home so he can help me in and out of the tub.

We'll see how this goes.

Got the comic done despite the pain, though it took way longer than I would have liked. Didn't finish until after midnight. Hopefully the upload got through in time for a Monday update. Fingers crossed.

I'll also keep trying to work on commissions throughout the week. Just have to watch how I move my arms while I draw... got to make sure I don't twist my back too much. Because I did that a few times today and ow.

In other news, watching this new-ish show with Will called "Dark Matter". I like it so far, we got about five or six episodes in today. It's one of those shows I like watching with the thought of "ha, this is a roleplaying group dynamic"... and it really does feel that way. In a good way, mind you. Also totally makes me want to play a game in this kind of setting with the same premise (you wake up from stasis with no memory but a whole lot of dangerous skillsets and your personality in tact, whatever it was)

Oh and there's an episode where Ruby Rose plays an "entertainment android", so... that was enjoyable to watch. Goddamn Ruby Rose... *swoons*
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Looks like the record-breaking rain of May is gone, June looks pretty dry here so far.

I started a new commission special on Facebook and I'm kicking ass at it so far. I've stayed up stupid late working more than once. I have a feeling it's the new meds... it's kicking apathy out the door and letting my passion for work fire back up again. I'm hoping it stays this way.

So... I'm going good. Had one weird random crying spell a few days ago out of nowhere but otherwise I've not noticed too many weird stuff with the new meds.

Okay, back to work. Then therapy this afternoon, then party tonight. :)
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What's that? Did I literally just fucking say I'm trying to be better about taking time to relax and stopping work at 5pm?

Instead did I push myself today until after 9pm and end up in a lot of pain?



On the bright side, tomorrow's comic and five commissions are done.

Now to whine in front of Netflix until the painkillers kick in.
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Lately I've been making some work rules for myself. The biggest one is "STOP AT 5PM"... the more I treat my commission work like a regular job, the more focused I'll be and the less I'll end up working until late in the night and burning myself out. Granted if I have a deadline I'm fine with working late, and sometimes I'll push it to 6pm if I'm just finishing one up and all I need is the extra hour to be done with it.

I think I'm also going to add "NO WORK ON SATURDAYS". Sundays I'm fine with, since I need to do Monday's comic anyway so I might as well do a bit of commission stuff too (though I'll be iffy on that one - maybe JUST the comic on Sunday is fine. Hell if I increase the number of updates per week I might just do comics all day Sunday... I dunno we'll see in the future :))

But yeah I want at LEAST my Saturdays open for relaxing, chores, etc. Especially when Will gets a job again and we can focus on spending those days doing stuff together (whether it's working on the house or relaxing or going out)

Yeah. Thinking, thinking.

Still sipping on my coffee this morning. After this I'll get up and at least do the dishes and straighten up the kitchen. Then I get started on the comic for tomorrow and if I'm still in "work mode" I'll do some commission work, even if it's just finishing up inking the latest pile of sketches so I can focus on coloring tomorrow. Actually that sounds like a good plan.

Determined to bring in more regular money. With Will unemployed (and with the possibility of taking a paycut when he DOES get a job) I want to step up more. Help out with a bit more of the bills, food, gas, etc. We've got that hopeful trip down south for TRF at the end of November and I'm wanting to handle the costs if at all possible. Tickets, gas, good, etc.

Okay. Gonna stop rambling and finish coffee now. ^^
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Been working hard this week. It's been a rain/storm-heavy summer. Well... not heavy, just surprisingly frequent and with cold fronts. Which has meant Spring pain lasted WAY longer than usual this year. It's made work... rough. I got behind on a lot and it's meant not taking on much work and money's tight. But this week pain's been manageable (and my painkillers often work for way longer than they say they will, which has been awesome when they're necessary) and I've done SO SO SO much work. It's been great.

I'm still a bit floaty happy gushy too, so... honestly that's accounted for my energy for the last couple of days too. BUT even before then I've been doing pretty damn well.

At this rate I'm hoping to take on a handful of commissions in the new few weeks and get myself back to a slightly better place financially. :)


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