Feb. 13th, 2015

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Had some hopefully good news about Will job stuff this morning, hoping next week will have even better news.

Will left for his LARPing weekend this morning right around the same time I left for a massage. Massage was exactly what I needed. Made a stop by Michael's (and forgot something I was gonna get, damn, ah well) for a project, then headed home and immediately did a round of dishes... which is common for me after a massage or something. Low pain now? DO ALL THE THINGS! I'll try not to OVERdo the things and undo all the work the massage therapist did.

Just had some lunch and have Netflix playing while I relax. Gonna do some art next, work on that for a few hours before stopping and playing some video games.

Was possibility for hanging with friends tonight but it seems half the group can't do due to sickness and exhaustion so I might just stay home and relax and play some games or relax in the bath and watch anime or something.

Got two phone calls I need to make this afternoon (one to order more meds, the other to activate the new debit card), both are with automated systems so it's just a bunch of numbers to push. Fun times.

Also I looked, like, SUPER cute today with a new skirt and top from the thrift store and pain levels were relaxed enough to allow me to wear cute shoes and yeah I was rockin' it. Feeling cute AND pain levels are the best they've been all week? The world should be afraid. *grins*


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