May. 15th, 2015

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Chiropractor this morning. Covered by the VA, which is awesome. Massage this afternoon, done on a bartering system with the massage therapist (she massages me, I do art sometimes for her)

I should PROBABLY stop by the store sometime too. Need a couple of things.

Tonight, not sure what the plan is. If Will stays in, we might have a Star Wars date (been AGES since he and I ran around the galaxy as Sith together), if he goes out then I might be a different Sith all by myself... or a bounty hunter. Or Agent. We'll see what I'm feelin' by tonight, or if I'm even up for gaming.

Tomorrow is a dear friend's party. At least that's tomorrow evening, the day can be spent relaxing and doing some art or something. Maybe I'll try to get the comic done early so Sunday I can feel free to be hungover (assuming I drink enough at the party, I've been drunk only once in the last few months and it's just not been all that appealing to me lately so we'll see how I feel)

Supposed to rain here and there this weekend, but be clear skies next week. Apparently. I'm skeptical. Texas could always use the rain (not as much as poor California right now but still) but it'd be nice to have a break from the rain-related pain issues.

Will started his new job yesterday and seems very optimistic about it. And... get this... I'm being put on the insurance! YEAH! It's a decent-looking plan and we can actually afford to have me covered. This is ridiculous! And awesome! I haven't been on non-VA insurance since living on my own. I'll have a copay and can see civilian doctors and everything. Will's excited to find me a pain specialist in the area. I might still want to get meds through the VA since it'll probably be much more affordable that way but I wouldn't mind seeing some one who might know a bit better what they're doing. This could be exciting!

I'm still cautiously optimistic about the new job, it's been over a year of Will being jerked around by employers and left unemployed for way too long at a time and stressing us both out to the point of being sick. He seems optimistic so I'll go with his gut on this but I'm still holding back a bit. I want it to be as good as it sounds, but right now I'd settle for just... stability. Reliability. A job we can trust he won't be booted out of illegally or one he's under contract for and they cut him out early, etc etc. A paycheck that I'm not worried will be fucked with. Etc etc. It's not a dream job or anything and the drive is a tad much in my opinion, but I'm just wanting the benefits to outweigh the frustrations.

Fingers crossed.


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